Elena Moffa

NYC-Inspired. Fitness Freak. Nutrition Nut. Wellness Warrior. Fearless Runner. Gluten Free Foodie. Coffee Addict. Beat Lovin'. Sweat Junkie. - Namaste, E

Well hello there, I'm Elena, but most of my friends call me E! A NYC-based fitness fanatic made for nonstop, fast-paced movement, I have been interchangeably athletic all of my life. I fell in love with all forms of physical activity and movement at an early age, participating in dance, basketball, softball, lacrosse and competing at a high level in soccer. While traveling all over the world pursuing a young soccer career, I learned that God had another plan in mind for my life. At eighteen years old, I decided to walk away from competitive sports and started competing with myself. It was during that change where I let life get the best of me. After months of soul searching, I decided to run, fast, and long, not away from my struggles, but closer to them. I found magic in the sweat and the pain and have not turned back.  High intensity and free movement fuel my current life, as I am a passionate marathon runner, soul cyclist, shadowboxer, strength and conditioning guru and hip hop yogi. I am here to prove that being healthy is not a one-size fits all perscription. I inspire everyone to channel their inner rockstar by sweating more, bitching less, and most importantly impressing themselves.


I am currently a certified personal trainer, physical education teacher and marathon maniac. I am a passionate fitness enthusiast, nutrition specialist and coaching professional. I obtain a MS in Physical Education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and a BA in Exercise Physiology from Hofstra University, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), and is interim Sports Nutrition Specialist (ISSN-SNS). New York City is my playground, it is where I reside with my high school sweetheart husband, John. 


Street Cred: Current PR Board


1 mile - 6:02

5K - 21:47

10K - 44:04

Half Marathon - 1:32:07

Marathon - 3:25:15