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I'm sure you've heard it before, to be the best, you must train with the best. As a fitness professional I thrive off of diversity in my workouts. Competitive in nature, I find it motivating to take other trainer's classes and learn from their methods. With that being said I am a total exercise class junkie. I am completely addicted to diversifying and discovering new ways to move my body. My family and friends are always amazed by really how much I actually do switch up my routines. Often times I find myself explaining why and how I afford to spend all my time at different boutique studios. One word: ClassPass.

ClassPass: a brilliant tool that allows memebers to take umlimited classes at a slew of different boutique fitness studios. Members are capped at three classes per studio per month, which serves as an outlet for diversity and discovery enabling them to test out workouts they may have never even thought existed.

Why ClassPass is Brilliant:

1. The Possibilities

Feel like flowing through a heated Hip Hop Yoga class, or pulsing through FlexStudios, or flying at Flywheel, or punching at Title Boxing, or sweating at Barry's? The possibilities to diversify your workouts are truly endless. I get giddy like Christmas morning every time I log onto my account, it has a class for your mood at any time of the day. Even though ClassPass has a 3-class-limit-per-studio-per-month rule, there are so many different options in various locations that it honestly doesn’t even matter. And if you hate a workout or studio there is no binding contract enforcing you to ever go back. This pass offers its customers what they want, when they want it.

2. The Studios

The caliber of studios offered on CP is impressive. Whether you are looking for an upscale boutique studio such as Barry's Bootcamp or getting straight to the point at an old school type gym like WRKNYC, classpass has got it.

3. The Ease

Both the ClassPass website and app are incredibly easy to use and understand. They offer tons of filters including location, time, type of workout, and studio amenities to help narrow down the perfect workout for you.

4. The Cities

I feel like I have explored all the different neighborhoods of NYC through this membership. I especially love that I can check out different studios all over the US when visiting my family and friends. Comparing studios/instructors in different cities is always extremely interesting to me. I also love that there is never not an excuse to workout no matter where you are with this pass.

5. The Community

It isn't hard to spot a ClassPass user in different studios, they are usually the people chatting about different workouts, studios and instructors in the locker rooms. I love the community of ClassPass friends I have developed. The only thing more fun to me then working out is doing it with a friend :)

So Why Am I Here?

As great as classpass is, the abundance of studio offerings and brief class descriptions can not only be overwhelming but can also sometimes be deceiving. I have found myself many times arriving to a workout expecting to sweat my ass off and left feeling like I had to work out again or even worse, attended a class meant for a recovery day and left in a pool of sweat. Now that I have been a classpass member for over a year I have a good handle on which studios are worth sweating at and when they are worth going to, depending on my training cycle.

My aim is to build a comprehensive review catalog of all the various ClassPass classes and studios available. These reviews will break down expectations and experiences in order to give you a better depiction as to what you may be getting yourself into so that we can all sweat happy :)

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