Boston Training: T-minus-12 Weeks

I am officially in Boston Training mode and ready and eager then ever take you on this journey with me.

I am extremely humbled and honored to share the course amongst the most elite runners in the world. But don't get me wrong, this does intimidate me a bit. As a part of some mental preperation (and retail therapy) I purchased a flashy pair of new Brooks running shoes, as well as this Believe Training Journal to keep me honest and motivated throughout my training.

The journal is a personal diary + workbook created by two elite professional runners who take you through goal setting, training, nutrition, body image, psychology, competition mindset, set-backs, recovery and more. I am used to logging my workouts, I find it is a way to hold myself accountable for my workouts, however, I am very excited to record them all in a more organized and inspiring manner.

So that's that, I will be using my BELIEVE journal, as well as my blog to utilize the "ACTION + REFLECTION = WINNING FORMULA" plan.


1. PR .. isn't that always a runners #1 goal for a race? This would mean I'd have to run a sub 3:25 race.. hehhhhh

2. BQ (Boston Qualify) for 2017 again.. that means run under 3:35.. which if I meet my first goal I should do with no problem

3. To take it all in.. often times I find myself dashing through my runs that I don't give myself enough time to soak in my surroundings

4. To finish "BOSTON STRONG" with pride


After completing the Goofy Challenge it was only natural that I give my body at least a 2 week break from competitve running, therefore I have minimal time to log in my Boston miles. Since the Hal Higdon plan never steers me wrong I will be using his "12-Week to Boston Training Plan" as a guide. Note: I never follow training plans exactly as they are written because running for me is more of a personal journey and (as you will see in my training plans) I enjoy cross training way too much to stick to soly running 6 days a week. Nevertheless, I am aiming to run at least 5 days a week, 2 long runs (easy-race pace), 1 tempo run, 1 speed day, and 1 easy day.


My teaching/personal training schedule is all over the place so often times this will vary but as of now here it is:

Monday: Pace Run (6-10 miles) race pace

Tuesday: Long Run (10-22 miles)

Wednesday: Easy Run (3-5 miles)

Thursday: Speed/Hill Work

Friday: Easy Run (3-5 miles)

Saturday: Tempo Run (6-10 miles)

Sunday: REST

TRAINING: WEEK 1 TOTAL MILES: 29.9 BEAT OF THE WEEK:I Can be somebody - Deorro, Erin McCarley

Monday: 1 mile easy warm up/3x1 with hills/1 mile easy cool down = 5 total miles

This workout killed me.. coming off of a 2 week rest period, I figured I'd challenge myself and start training "Boston Strong" with speed work (my least favorite workout, especially on the treadmill) right off the bat. I created my own speed/hill workout consisting of 10 x 400m at 8.0-10.0 or 7:30-6:00 min mile pace and adjusted the inclines from 1%-5% grades. I started this workout at a 7.0 or a 8:34 pace at 1% incline for a mile and ended it with a slow recovery pace of 6.5 or a 9:13 pace at 1% incline. Perhaps I shouldn't have started so hard because this workout left me hungry and sore all day long.

Tuesday: Barry's Bootcamp - Arm's & Abs (speed/hill workout) = 3.5 miles of interval training

Coming off of a hard Monday start, it probably wasn't wise of me to plan a Barry's class the day after speedwork considering Barry's is usually what I do in place of speed/hill work, but like I said before, to run with the best, you must train with the best. Plus Monday's workout left me eating a pint of SO delicious (dairy free) ice cream after dinner, so I felt fueled to conquer the HIT interval training at Barrys.

Wednesday: Mile High Run Club - Distance Class = 7.05 miles of endurance/temp work

Endurance day, another treadmill day.. This was supposed to be an easy 5-6 mile run and considering there was still icy snow on the ground I figured I'd complete my miles at one of my favorite NYC boutique studios, Mile High Run Club. I must admit, I impressed myself a bit during this class, usually I average 6-6.75 miles in the hour endurace class. However something came over me today, I hit a MHRC PR, averaging a 7:30 pace throughout the whole class, even got a shoutout from the instructor.. go me ;)

Thursday: 1 hour, 20 mins long run = 10.35 total miles

10.35mi; 1:20:05; 7:50/mi

(8:51, 8:42, 8:46, 8:16, 8:19, 8:21, 8:04, 7:16, 7:27, 7:01)

Long Run Day.. my goodness was a sore.. it's all I could think of through my scheduled hour and 20 minute long run, averaging a 7:50 pace.

Friday: 4 miles easy

Recovery Miles at a 8:45 average pace

Saturday: FlyBarre/SoulCycle cross training

Cross Training is my favorite day of the week, I love moving my body in different ways, taking other trainer's classes and learning new limits my body can handle. FlyBarre and SoulCycle are probably 2 of my favorite classes in NYC so I was happy to have the day off from running to let loose in these classes.

Sunday: REST

Thank goodness.. I was shot and happy to have the day off to reset, refresh and refuel for the next 11 weeks..

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