I remember my first time..

..the first time I got my Barry’s cherry popped that is.

It. Was. Incredible.

It really was a pretty euphoric experience to say the least. I took Amber R’s abs class, therefore as any Barry’s goer knows it was a Thursday. Not many workouts intimidate me but for some reason I had a feeling I was in for something completely new the second I stepped foot into the posh NYC Chelsea location.

Was it the beautiful people walking into the boutique studio with me, or the model trainers I scoped out before entering? Could it be the racks of name-brand merchandise with the BARRY’S logo on them or the fancy fuel bar to my right? Or the fogged mirrors in the dim lit studio with sweat drenched members flooding out of the class before? Maybe it was all of the above, the whole ambience was pretty intimidating, yet extremely invigorating to me, as I am always up for a fitness challenge.

Upon entering, Amber had Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk blaring, now remember this is rewound back to 2014, so this was one of the first times I was hearing this funky beat. From the second I entered the dimmed red-light, clubby setting I was hooked. Thankfully, I started on the treadmill. I say thankfully, because I don’t care what shape you think you are in; the intensity of Barry’s treadmill will kick the shit out of anyone.

Side note: The class is meant to be a HIT full body workout, half (25-30 mins) done on the treadmill and half (25-30 mins) on the floor, or you can forfeit your treadmill torture and choose to do double floor. It’s a pretty cool concept and extremely beneficial for speedwork and strengthening for runners. The treadmill is interval work (adjusting inclines and speeds) and each day targets a different strengthening routine, targeting a specific body part on the floor:

Monday = Arms & Abs

Tuesday = Butt & Legs

Wednesday = Chest, Back, & Abs

Thursday = Abs

Friday, Saturday & Sunday = Total Body

So my first time was Abs day, which now as a seasoned vet I know is personally the easiest day for me. Amber’s contagious energy flooding the studio as she pushed everyone to work their hardest and leave it all in the room. She broke the workout down into 3 segments, bouncing from the treadmill to the floor 3 different times. I remember thinking, holy shit I have never run that fast in my life nor have I ever seen some of those abs exercises throughout the entire workout. I left that day hooked and feeling like I just conquered the world.

I write my first classpass review on Barry’s Bootcamp because it’s probably the one studio I am most grateful for being on CP. Without a doubt, each month I use up all three of my Barry’s classes and it’s because each class challenges me and leaves me feeling like it was my first time. The intensity, energy, and programming is incredible. Barry’s has help me progress into the runner I am today. There is truly “No Better Workout In The World.”

So after that it shouldn’t be surprising that this is my rundown:

Studio: Barry’s Bootcamp Chelsea

Class: Abs

Location: Chelsea (W20th btwn 6th & 7th)

Teacher: Amber Reese

Good For: high intensity speedwork, strength building, muscle toning, core work

Bad For: new exercisers, low impact

Intensity: 5

Difficulty: 5

Amenities: Lockers, Mats, Showers, Towels, Malein Shower Products, Fuel Bar

Requirements for Class: Water

What to expect:

  1. To sweat, A LOT! Like I mean a lot! I consider myself an extremely conditioned person, yet I leave a pool of sweat wherever I move in that class.

  2. To be challenged. The intensity at Barry’s is incredible. Between the motivating instructors and the energy of the athletes surrounding you, you are bound to try your best to reach your highest fitness potential.

  3. To be inspired. Very rarely will you repeat exercises in each class. The instructors do a good job switching it up and keeping it interesting. I have learned many new ways to move my body and push myself to its’ utmost limit. The beat-bumping music blasting through my viens helps this too ;)

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