Warm & Cozy at Rosemary's

If you get anything from these food blog posts, it’s that I live a life a balance and never deprive myself of anything.. as I shouldn’t, hell that’s a perk of running so much :) With that being said, Friday night is usually date night with the Moffas, and date night usually includes carbs & cuddles. Last night, we spread the love with 3 other couples and enjoyed our date night at an adorable Italian restaurant called Rosemary’s.

Rosemary’s is located in the heart of the West Village, and has quickly become the area’s hotspot with hour long waits and numerous celebrity sightings, it’s certainly a go too in my book. I mean look at how cute the Italian farmhouse ambience is..

Now lots of times when I got out in big groups I can get sort of embarrassed to be one of the only one’s trying to order healthy.. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a strictly salad, dressing on the side girl.. but I am the girl who asks how just about everything is cooked and if it can be made gluten free. The menu at Rosemary’s quickly took that anxiety away, as I saw a wide variety of vegetable and raw seafood appetizers, salads served with season veggies, meat dishes, and gfree pasta options. PHEW!

I ended up sharing the tuna crudo, calamari, and delicious eggplant caponata with the girls.

I am strictly gluten free during Boston training so I had to skip out on the focaccia everyone else was raving about but my entrée made up for the loss. I ordered Rosemary’s tender half chicken, served with gigante beans, escarole, and gfree couscous.. my goodness was it tasty.

I was pleased to cross Rosemary’s off the bucket list and will definitely be coming back for another date night soon!

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