Boston Training: T-minus-8 Weeks

Personality & Performance:

There is no doubt that personality certainly shines through performance. The mind plays a crucial role in what the body will do. And just like anything, there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' training plan. Each individual responds to stress in very different ways. One runner may find jam packed, busy weeks or bad weather as a sign to call it quits, whereas another brushes it off and does the best the can with the time and conditions they have.

Normally, I would classify myself as a total Type A, structured, obsessive-compulsive (at times) worrier. However, I think what I like the most about my running practice is that it takes me away from that anxious person that resides inside of me and brings out my inner warrior. My life is color coded, highlighted, and drawn out in my life agenda, but when it comes to training, all of that goes out the door. I am not afraid to switch up my routines, take classes instead of go on runs, and thrive off of pre-race jitters.

This was just one of those weeks that life simply got in the way, and that was ok. My friends and I planned our annual ski trip, a pretty risky activity when Boston is less then 2 months away. Prior to the trip I was questioning whether or not I should ski, but then something came over me that made me decide to take it easy on the green trails and have fun with my friends.

Was it silly of me to risk it? Probably. Was it worth the limited training time and possible risk of injury? Eh, I guess I could always go skiing another time. But did I have the time of my life? Absolutely!

Warriors: The quintessential "born-to-be-wild" risk takers. They are free-spritied and quick to take on adventure. They thrive off of high-stake, high-pressure situations, where they actually feed off of the stress to achieve their optimal cognitive functioning. This is running to me. It is one of the only parts of my life where I am a warrior.

Check out how I channeled my inner warrior this week:



BEAT OF THE WEEK:Ping Pong (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix) - Armin Van Buuren, Kryder, Tom Staar

Monday: 9 mile pace run

9.00mi; 1:13:27; 8:10/mi

(8:45, 8:24, 8:18, 8:13, 8:54, 8:48, 8:00, 7:51, 6:14)

Tried to crush my Monday morning by ending my easy run FAST and get rid of the Monday blues with some soul at night.

Tuesday: 1:40 minute long run/Bikram Yoga = 12.20 total miles

12.20mi; 1:40:51; 8:26/mi

(8:59, 8:45, 8:39, 8:41, 8:29, 8:25, 8:21, 8:03, 8:17, 8:10, 8:29, 7:51)

Wednesday: MHRC - dash/y7 Yoga = 4.0 total miles

Mile High Run Club consisted of:

- 4 minute warm up (9:13/mi)

- 3 minute low-high level 2 (8:34/mi-7:30/mi)

- 1 minute recovery (9:13/mi)

- 3 minute level 2 low-high hill (4.0-6.0 incline)

- 1 minute recovery (9:13/mi)

- 3 minute low-high level 3 (7:03/mi-6:40/mi)

- 1 minute recovery (9:13/mi)

- 3 minute level 3 low-high hill (4.0-6.0 incline)

- 1 minute recovery (9:13/mi)

- 3x1 low-high level 4 (6:18/mi-6:00/mi)

- 1 minute recovery (9:13/mi)

I loved interval training on MHRC's woodway treads. My instructor did a great job prgoraming her class, where we combined speed, endurance, and hill work all in a 30 minute running class, followed by 15 minutes of strength training at the end. It left me with enough energy to "flow so hard" at Beyonce Hip Hop Yoga.. THE BEST!

Thursday: Barry's Bootcamp - Abs = 3.55 total miles

Another speed/strength day: 2 rounds (2 on floor/2 on tread)

Tread Round 1:

- 1 minute warm-up, 1 minute jog, 1 minute run, 1 minute fast run, 30 secound sprint x 3

Tread Round 2:

- 30 second jog, 30 second sprint, 30 second recover x 12

This workout left me feeling energized and accomplished.

Friday: 6.50 mile tempo run

6.50 mi; 50:10; 7:43/mi

This weekend I was leaving for Vermont directly after school so I knew I had minimal time to put in as many miles as I could so during my lunch break I went to the school's gym and warmed up at a 6.5 (9:13/mile) for about two minutes then ran at a steady 8.0 adjusting my inclines in a pyramid formation (1.0-6.0) up and down. I felt pretty good completing this workout.

Saturday: Ski Day in Killington, Vermont

Because everyone deserves to have some fun on the slopes :)

Sunday: REST

Boy, did I need it.. Skiing for the first time this season left me feeling more sore then ever!

Next week I'm switching up my plan and bumping up my milage a bit.. check it out: WEEK 6 TRAINING PLAN:

Monday: Easy Run (8-10 miles)

Tuesday: Pace Run (6-8 miles)

Wednesday: Speed/Interval Training (4-5 miles)

Thursday: REST

Friday: Easy Run (8 miles)

Saturday: Long Run (18 miles)

Sunday: Easy Run (4-5 miles)

TOTAL MILEAGE GOAL: 48-54 total miles

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