Madly, Deeply, In Run

Ah, Mile High Run Club, a racer’s nirvana.

Mile High Run Club is known as the first fitness studio dedicated to solely running, so it’s pretty obvious what draws me personally to this club-lit, beat blasting studio. But that’s just stating the obvious. I am well aware that a treadmill based running class doesn’t sound like the most appealing pitch. I do get it. Like most people, I am certainly not one to complete any more then a couple of miles on the dreadmill. I like to use it for interval and speed training, but nothing more then that. So when I first heard about this class I was intrigued but not dying to try it. But then I did.. and like a little school girl, I fell madly, deeply, in run.

Here’s why:

The Studio:

Quaint, but chic, with a fragrant scent that will pleasantly stay with you all day long. Both the Noho and Nomad locations have a spacious locker room with showers, full amenities (Red Flower products and hair dryers) and plenty of lockers to store your belongings.

The classroom itself its truly a runner’s sanctuary. It is a spacious mirrored room with different colored LED lighting that makes you feel like you are out at the club. The room houses 36 Woodway 4 front machines, a shock absorbent machines that makes your runs feel like you’re gliding through air.

The Class:

It’s important to know what you are getting yourself into before attending MHRC because this class is strictly geared to strengthening your running endurance and speed. Therefore, you are spending the majority, if not all, of your time on the treadmill (depending on which class you take).

While MHRC seems to attract serious more competitive runners, what I love most about it is its noncompetitive nature. Each treadmill comes with a “MHRC cheat sheet” providing runners or joggers with recommended speeds, depending what level you are at. These levels or running speeds are what the entire class is based off of and not to worry each coach is very good at explaining precisely what these speeds mean and what the upcoming programming is all about. I remember being insanely impressed with the knowledge of the coaches the first time I attended the studio, I felt that I left with a slew of new running info and understanding.

No matter which class you take you always start off with dynamic stretching on the floor, followed by the workout and ending with a well-deserved stretch.

MHRC offers 4 different classes, as well as private training. Each class intends to build strength and endurance but is programmed in differently.

Dash 28: This one is my favorite, gets right to the point. It includes 45 minutes of foundation running for runners of all levels. 28 minutes of structured interval training and 10 minutes of run-focused strength and power training. Good for building strength and speed.

The Distance: This is their more advanced program incorporating a full 60 minutes of continuous intervals, tempo, and hills on the treadmill. Good for endurance enhancing.

High 45: A hybrid of Dash and Distance, 45 minutes of interval-based treadmill running. Good for strength and endurance.

Outdoor Group Run: Guided outdoor trail runs. I’ve never attended one of these classes, however, I’d imagine if you are a more social person they’d be great for comrade.

The Rundown:

MHRC is NYC’s go-to studio for runners. The coaches are highly knowledgeable and encouraging. Whether you are in training mode or just looking for a good sweat the ambience of the studio, motivating wall décor, quality equipment, and structured running plans will make you feel faster, stronger, and like a more confident runner.

Studio: Mile High Run Club

Class: Dash 28, High 45, The Distance

Location: Noho (28 East 4th Street) & Nomad (24 West 25th Street)

Teacher: All are great!

Good For: building running endurance, speed, & strength and increasing running knowledge

Bad For: non-runners

Intensity: 4

Difficulty: 3

Amenities: Lockers, Showers, Towels, Red Flower Shower Products

Requirements for Class: Water

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