Boston Training T-minus-3 Weeks

Eat, Sleep, Run, Rest, Repeat

This week was hard. Like really really physically, mentally, and emotionally hard.

After coming off of a week that was supposed to be "peak week" in training but instead was spent under the covers in bed, I felt behind. There is nothing more decapitating then physically being unable to accomplish something you want so bad.

I dreamed about my first run back all week long, so when I was finally feeling human again my mind could not wait to get back out on track, but my body had a different opinion.

My alarm rang at the usual 6:00am for my Monday morning run. I was eager but cautious. I was more nervous then ever of relapsing so I downed a ton of water prior to my easy run. I drank 8oz. hot lemon water (my daily morning ritual), had a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso and about 3oz. of regular water over the course of about 2 hours. Dehydration is an obvious symptom of the flu that I knew I could control. So I tried my best to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Out the door I went, slow and steady. 6 easy recovery miles eased me back into training mode. I felt strong during my run but pretty exhausted the rest of the day. I had planned to do the long run I missed the week before on Tuesday. Mind over matter right? I completed my 13.5 mile run in 2 hours exactly and felt great, but again the after effect came at me like woah. The soreness was so extreme for the remainder of the week, so extreme that I slept like a bear all weekend.

Eat, sleep, run, rest, repeat. All week long.

But despite the demons telling me I'm not prepared, I overcame my returning week completing every single run to the best of my ability and for that I am proud.




Monday: Easy Run = 6.35 total miles

6.35mi; 55:17; 8:42

It may not have been the easiest run, but it sure was the happiest mail day.. look what came in!!!

Tuesday: Easy Long 2 hour Run = 13.55 miles

13.55mi/ 2:00:00/ 8:52/mi

(9:00, 9:00, 9:08, 8:40, 8:44, 8:34, 8:41, 8:37, 8:44, 8:35, 8:42, 8:47, 9:26, 5:22)

There was no method to this run except to just finish, however I could, just work on my endurance, get lost in the run and finish. And that I did. Was it my ideal pace? Not at all, but again that wasn't the point of this one, it was to just get it done. And I did.

Wednesday: NRC Home Run Pace Run/Yoga Vida = 5.27 total miles

5.27mi; 42:19; 8:02/mi

(8:21, 8:18, 8:10, 7:59, 7:30)

I actually enjoyed this day despite my extreme soreness from my long run before.. I started the day at one of my favorite yoga studios in NYC, trying to stretch out the pain, and ended running with a pack in Central Park with Nike Run Club.

Thursday: MHRC High 45 (speedwork) = 5.15 total miles

This workout was extremely tough on my already sore body. I usually push myself alot harder at MHRC but my body was just not responding the way it normally does. Nonetheless, my coach put together a nice speed/hill workout below:

9 minute warm up:

4 min level 1 speed

1 min level 2 speed

2 mins level 1 speed

1 min level 3 speed

2 mins level 1 speed

Ladder Workout:

1 min level 2 -> 1 min level 3

1 min recovery

1 min level 2 -> 2 min level 3

1 min recovery

1 min level 2 -> 3 min level 3

1 min recovery

1 min level 2 -> 4 min level 3

1 min revoery

3 minute Hill Workout:

2%-12% grade (increase every 30 seconds) level 2 speed

Speed Workout:

1 min level 4 - 4% incline

1 min level 2 recovery

1 min level 4 - 1% incline

1 min level 2 recovery

1 min level 4 - 4% incline

1 min level 2 recovery

1 min level 4 - 1% incline

Note: MHRC levels are based off of personal treadmill RPE, for me:

- level 1 = 6.0-6.5

- level 2 = 7.0-7.8

- level 3 = 8.0-8.5

- level 4 = 9.0+ (usually 10.0)

Friday: East Recovery Miles = 6 total miles

Friday's run almost did not happen.. I planned to wake up at 5am to get my miles done but my body just wasn't having it so I let myself sleep through it deciding to run quickly during my lunch break at school. When my lunch break came, I was just too hungry and tired to get myself to the school's gym, so I didn't, I told myself I would run once I got home. Well, the second I caught sight of my bed I fell right in and napped for close to 2 hours, which NEVER happens in my regular life. I woke up more nervous then ever.. had I overworked myself? Had I relapsed? S H I T ! I made myself some coffee, hydrated as much as possible and gave my run a shot. I'm so happy I pushed myself because sweating it out flushed out some of my lactic acid and gave me more energy then ever. Again, they weren't the fastest miles, but they happened and I feel much better to have completed them.

Saturday: 10k -> long run = 22.01 total miles

22.01mi; 3:06:06; 8:27/mi

(7:47, 7:42, 7:45, 7:44, 7:44,7:39) 10K splits

Surprisingly, I felt my best Saturday morning, I always get a weird sense of excitement before long runs. This specific one, however, was alittle different from the rest. I had signed up for the NYRR Scotland Run as part of my 9+1 program so I used my 10k as a warm up tempo pace and cruised the rest of the 22 miles. Again, the run itself felt great, but the after effect sent me straight to bed.

Sunday: Bikram Yoga Roslyn

One major perk of visiting Long Island is a change of scenery. I love visiting Roslyn’s Bikram Yoga Studio for more reasons then one. I had a great sweat, stretch session this day and can’t wait to return soon!

Coming Up Week 10: t a p e r <3

Monday: 5-6 mile run easy

Tuesday: 8 x hill, 3 down

Wednesday: 4-5 mile run easy

Thursday: 6 mile tempo run

Friday: rest

Saturday: 4 mile pace

Sunday: 12 mile run easy

Total Miles: 36-40 miles

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