Ruby's NYC

Contact Info:

Address: 219 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

Neighborhood: NoLiTa

Cuisine: Australian Cafe


Price: $$

Gluten Free Menu: Yes

Ruby’s is casual, chic and affordable Australian restaurant with a great vibe, delicious food and a well-made latte that sits in between the hustle and bustle of NoLiTa.

The space may be tiny, but it’s lunch and dinner menus are fairly expansive and fairly affordable. Famous for their breakfast and brunch or as they call it “Breaky,” John and I decided to come with friends to see what the hype was all about. We had been previously forewarned to expect to wait a bit, as the restaurant is always packed, however, the wait time was not as painful as we imagined, it was actually rather charming sitting on the picnic benches outside. Not to mention the scrumptious gluten-free breakfast options including the breakfast bowl, mushroom scramble, green eggs bowl, and my personal favorite gfree avo toast, were well worth waiting for.

Famous for their Bronte and Whaley burgers (we’re talking beets and pineapples in a burger, Crimity!) John and a friend we were with made that their obvious choice. I, however, went with my normal post long run go-to, the avo toast with a poached egg on top (always add the extra protein) and a side of sweet potato fries, because why not! My goodness this perfect blend of macro’s were a fantastic choices.

First off, the avo toast was not like any other avo toast. Ruby’s sprinkles their special vegemite on top to give it some extra flavor. And the sweet potato fries, OMG, they were seasoned with spicy chili and truffle aioli, giving them the TASTIEST flavoring.

Hands down one of my favorite brunches in the city! Do yourself a favor and get there.

#rubysnyc #brunch #breakfast #glutenfree

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