Life After Boston..

It's been alittle over two weeks since marathon Monday and to be honest, I've felt a bit lost since then. Pre-race day my life was so structured and organized, just how I like it. My days were dictated by mileage and my nights were devoted to well earned rest. As I have shared with you, I was on a serious training schedule leading me to a specific goal. Once that goal was met, I've been sort of blah.. kind of uninspired.

After all that hype, that insane high, all I am left with is a shiny medal, a Mylar blanket, a few residual aches and an overwhelming feeling of, “Well... now what?” The post-marathon blues are real. Like any major life event that includes lots of brain (and body) power leading up to it, the result, no matter where it falls on the spectrum, usually leaves me down in the dumps once it’s over and done. Running, quite simply, has lost its appeal. Reluctantly, this is not my first rodeo, I know these feelings are often too common so I made sure to attack the emotional struggle before it caught up to me.

My 7 Steps to Getting Over Post Marathon Blues:

1. Savor the Satisfaction

Embrace the soreness, roll out the kinks, and remember how hard you worked to feel this way. You can't fully appreciated the value of rest and relaxation until you've pushed your body to it's limit. I've taken this time to embrace the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and treat myself to some quality couch time with some guilty pleasure netflix and chill.. RHWONY anyone?

2. Take Time to Reflect

It was a nice feeling to get my thoughts working again, as I was completely delusional a day or two after the race. I found it helpful to recap my experience and share it on Running On E with all of you. See My First Unicorn.

3. Catch Up On Life

Remember all those "..I can't I have to run" excuses? It's finally time to throw them out the door and immerse yourself in reconnecting with family and friends, pursuing a different hobby with your new found free time, or simply resuming whatever else may have gotten pushed off to the side during training.

4. Treat yo Self

Massage, anyone? How about those grimy race feet? My first weekend free from running was spent at the nail salon refreshing that pedi and getting those kinks out with a nice massage.

I've also taken a break from my gfree/dairy limited lifestyle and tried out new restaurants, getting all the desert and reloading with refreshing wine and beer.

5. Refocus on another goal

I signed up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

2 months ago my friends presented me with the idea that they wanted to run their first half. Overjoyed for them I obviously had to sign up right away to experience their first runner's high with them. This was also the best thing I could do for myself, as it gives me another goal to look forward to. Since my body is always in half marathon shape, I decided to take this race as more of a fun run, rather then trying to PR. Over the last 2 and a half weeks I've been doing a ton of cross-training, yoga, and soulcycle (my guilty pleasure). I've done really minimal running as far as speedwork and tempo runs. My goal is to just enjoy the experience of my friends taking on their first half. 6. Shift Gears

Refocus on a new reward. I am now in summer mode, my next big marathon is not until November (TCS NYC Marathon), so I am looking forward to taking some me time, signing up for new classpass classes I have never taken and falling back in love with other forms of fitness. 7. Celebrate the Success

Runner's are rockstars, well deserved rockstars. PR or not, crossing a finishing line after months of training is well worth celebrating. Time to start embracing that rockstar status that was well earned..

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