Eat Too Much This Holiday Weekend? Stop The Freak Out Before You Freak Out

The Struggle:


“I know I shouldn’t have that 7th cookie, but ugh it looks so good.”

“Whatever, I’ve already flown off the wagon by eating those 2 burgers, potato salad and the entire bowl of spinach dip, this cookie won’t mean anthing.”

“I’ll just wake up Monday, run 27 miles and juice cleanse the rest of the week.”

“Oh it tastes so good, probably will taste even better with ice cream on top.”

“Let’s add another mile on that 27 mile run tomorrow.”


“UGH I’m too tired and sluggish to wake up for this self-proclaimed ultra marathon.. shouldn’t have had that extra glass of rose.. I’ll just sleep.”

Starbucks order double red eye, no milk, no sugar “I’m on a diet.”

Breakfast, no thank you. Lunch, salad no meat, no cheese, dressing OTS.

3pm, IM RAVENOUS, juice press? Dinner, F this, give me EVERYTHING!

Bedtime, tears, “Why did I let myself go so out of control.”

The vicious cycle.. sound familiar?

My example is hopefully to the average person’s extreme but regardless of your level of guilt, there’s nothing worse then going to bed with Sunday scaries and waking up with Monday morning guilt.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way or really such thing as undoing what you just did.

Let’s Understand Why

Still hungover? Blame enzymes and dehydration for the bulk of your misery. Alcohol dehydrogenase, it’s the enzyme produced in your body meant to metabolize alcohol. If you overload your system with excess alcohol, this enzyme can’t keep up, and not all the alcohol can possibly be broken down, leaving it to linger in your system. This lingering alcohol, combined with dehydration causes the ugly hangover symptoms.

Overeating is equally as toxic. Overloading your system with unwanted carbohydrate and protein combinations (think burgers, buns, and beers) leads to stomach stretching, extreme fatigue, bloating, discomfort, and may be triggers to heartburn and nausea.

How To Feel Good Again

Firstly, don’t berate or criticize yourself for overeating. We all do it from time to time and guilt can make you overeat even more. The same goes for overcompensating for overeating by exercising.

Forget extremes. Think balance.

Here’s How:

Recognize how you’re feeling. Remember it and let it resonate for the next time.

Skip the scale. Save yourself the heartache. Chances are your weight is going to be inflated, however, the number you see is not showing an increase of body fat, rather its water retention brought on by excess salt. Forget the number on the scale it’s just a number, focus on moving forward

Drink Drink Drink. …anything but alcohol. Drink water any and every chance you get. Re-hydration will help massively with the detox. Try lemon water for a great detoxifying agent.

Don’t skip meals. ever! Messing even more with your metabolism is a recipe for disaster. Yo-yo dieting will make you, well a yo-yo. Rather plate it up the right way.

Cut out the extras. Extra salt, extra sugar, extra dairy, extra carbs all lead to extra bloat. Instead add extra greens, colorful foods and protein to lean out that tummy.

Eat fiber. Cut out all processed food and fast food if your weekend was full of heavy sauces and desserts. Rather fill your plate with complex, high fiber carbs such as oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa instead of refined carbs. The fiber will help you feel fuller faster and stabilize blood sugar, making you less likely to overeat.

Skip the nighttime snack. When you sleep, your body does as well. Therefore, going to bed on a full stomach will not give your body efficient time to digest.

Exercise. DUH! Sweat it all out, in moderation. Take that daily spin class or morning yoga. Stick to what you normally do and don’t overdo it if you don’t want to over eat it.

Bottom line: you ate too much this weekend. It happens. Not to fret, life goes on, you will get back to normal shortly.

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