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..time to get started on goal #3


1) Remember why I am here and what it took to get here - you see, just like Boston, the NYC marathon has always been on my bucket list, in fact, I have applied for the lottery at least 3 time before I realized the beauty of the NYRR 9+1 program. For those of you unfamiliar, the program allows NYRR members guaranteed admission into the following year's marathon if they complete 9 NYRR sponsored, scored and qualified races of any length and volunteer at 1 qualifying NYRR event during that calendar year. This was a pretty glorifying process my sister-in-law and I completed throughout 2015 and gives this particular race alittle more meaning considering the time and effort it took to get here.

2) PR - because, well, isn't that always the goal to set a personal best..

3) BQ with a qualifying time less then 3:20 - this would be shedding 5 minutes from my personal best of 3:25:15 which to me is huge and something I know I can do and therefore want a shot at it.

4) Enjoy every second of NY's 5 Boroughs - this is my city, time to rep proudly :)


I plan to run 5-6 times per week (as a normally do during marathon training) which is drastically different from my current training consisting of primarily boxing, spinning, and HIIT. Through plenty of research and personal experience I have created my own 16 week training guide that I plan on mimicking. Note: I never follow training plans exactly as they are written because running for me is more of a personal journey and (as you will see in my training plans) I enjoy cross training way too much to stick to strictly running 6-7 days a week.Nevertheless, I am aiming to run at least 5 days a week, 2 long runs (easy-race pace), 1 tempo run, 1 speed/hill day, and 1 easy day.

Training Structure:

My teaching/personal training schedule is all over the place so often times this will vary but as of now here it is:

Monday: Easy 3-5 mile Run

Tuesday: Speed Work/Hill Repeats/Tempo Runs

Wednesday: Easy Run (3-6 miles)

Thursday: Tempo/Pace Run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Pace Run

Sunday: Long Run

Just like my Boston Marathon journey, I plan to document as much of my NYC training as well so stay tuned :

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