Sweat + A Different Cit-E

Everybody Travels - whether it's for business, leisure, epic questing, or world domination, at some point in our lives we leave the comfort of our daily lives, surroundings and routines and visit a new world. No matter how long in duration or how far the land, one thing is certain, departing from your normal surroundings cause an implosion in your daily routines.

Humans are creatures of habit therefore it’s very easy to just say no way it when things go array:

  • no gym, no can do

  • no familiar running path, total problem

  • different time zone, too tired

  • look at this food, need all the food

  • all my friends and family are here, no time

  • fitness, F it.

Then you return home feeling all the guilt. Sound familiar?

Good news peeps, there’s plenty of ways to adapt to your new fitness environment while you get your Christopher Columbus on..

Check out ways I adapted to my new surroundings when I crossed coasts:

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail - pack all the essentials - my husband often makes fun of my separate carry on solely carrying my running shoes, workout clothes (for any kind of weather/activity), sports bras, socks, headphones, magazines, and books.

Hold Yourself Accountable - tell yourself and others about your workout goals and they’ll hold you to that. With the pressure of both yourself and others there is no excuse to not get it done, even if that means skipping out on that last glass of rose.


Get it in and over with in the morning - don’t ruin your day and your companies day, get it done and over with before they even notice. HIT workouts work great for this, throw that body to the ground as fast and hard as you can and get it over with quick!

Get outdoors - what better way to explore a new place by foot or bike!

Plan active excursions - bike tours, hikes, water sports all great options to ADD enjoyment, exploration and little extra exercise.


Attend a class - where my classpass and soulcycle team at? I love trying out new locations to get those same familiar feelings.

Get creative - create your own plan. Don’t know what to do? Go with what your body is telling you, feel like running? feel like planking? feel like burped-ing? go for it. Your body is smart and know what it needs.

Detox Before the Retox - its inevitable you’ll eat more and drink more, for every alcoholic beverage consumed rehydrate with a glass of water. In fact, just carry that water bottle with you everywhere you go. You’ll be bound to drink at least some of it.

Embrace the R+R - its your vacation, your time, give your body the rest it deserves.

#vacation #fitness

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