Back to Boston - Goals for Boston 2017

“That feeling of HOLY SH*T I did it again!”

*3:28:51* Another BQ (boston qualifier) my 4th one in a row! – this picture taken from the TCS NYC marathon is brilliantly raw and euphorically real. Every BQ is amazing but this one in particular was even more so, simply because of the preparation involved in this specific race..

I’m not going to sit here and claim to no have trained for New York, because lets be real I never missed a long run, however, training for #6 was drastically different from all of the previous ones. I went into this race with the notion that it would be a fun/celebratory race concluding the 2016 marathon year. There was no pressure of PRs, BQs, or any other funky 2 letter stressors riding on me. New York was my 3rd 26.2 of 2016 and quite honestly when it came time to creating a training plan for round 3 I just wasn’t that into it. With the confidence that I had the physical capacity and endurance to sustain 26.2 miles, I decided to simply maintain my fitness level and pretty much train how I wanted to train rather than following a standard day to day plan. Needless to say, NYC involved WAY more cross training (boxing, spinning and yoga) and WAY less straight running. I mean way less.. No exaggeration, aside from my weekly SoulCycle, boxing and yoga classes I only ran 3-4 times a week (1-2 easy runs, 1 long run and a Barry’s Bootcamp or Mile High Run Club class per week for speed and hill work). Not to mention, I suffered a knee injury 2 weeks before race day, so as you could imagine the week leading up to the start of the race I felt anything but prepared.

With that being said, the NYC marathon was without a doubt my favorite race to date for more reasons than one. It truly proved that your mind plays a powerful tool in your success. It's not just about physical training but mental training is equally important. I enjoyed every part of strengthening my endurance through cross training and I believe my successful outcome was a result of simply having fun rather then putting immense pressure on myself. After all, the body achieves what the mind believes ;)

I can’t help but think of this as I mentally prepare to put my body through the ringer training for my 2nd Boston Marathon.You see, this time last year as I was preparing for Boston I was super nervous for the unexpected, this year I have the same nerves because I know exactly what to expect.

Boston is hard. It’s a completely different animal. That heartbreak hill is NO JOKE.

Plus, going into marathon #7, Boston #2, I am coming back with vengeance. I am looking for my 5th BQ and a sub 3:25:15 PR. So physical training will be alittle different from NYC, but the positive mentality is staying the same. I plan on running 5-6 times a week (focusing on pace moreso then ever), while still trying to incorporate some of my other favorite exercise modalities starting 16 weeks before April 17.

Here’s how it’s looking..

Training Structure/Goal Pace:

Monday: Easy Run/Cross Train (8:15-8:30 min pace) – 3-5 miles

Tuesday: Speed/Hill Work (10k pace: 6:40-6:55/ 5K pace: 6:20-6:30 min pace)

Wednesday: Aerobic Run (7:50-8:10 min pace) – 4-8 miles

Thursday: Tempo/Pace Run (7:00-7:15 min pace) – 6-10 miles

Friday: Easy Run (8:15-8:30 min pace) – 3-5 miles

Saturday: Long Run (7:25-7:40 min pace) – 10-22 miles

Sunday: OFF

Goals for Boston:

First and foremost: it has been over a year and I half since I set my 3:25:15 PR in Providence, May 2014, I am very serious about wanting to sub 3:25 in Boston this year.

Second: If I can’t reach a PR, a BQ is always an amazing accomplishment (as pictured above)!

Third: Focus more on “smart running” aka learn how to actually negative split like a boss.

Fourth: Get out of my head. Last time I felt like I had to prove to myself that I belong on that course, this year I will focus on changing my mindset and believe that I qualified, I am meant to be there.

Fifth: I want to enjoy every second of the course. Last year I had an extremely hard time getting through miles 12-22. The heat and humidity crushed my endurance and the rolling hilly course was harder then I imagined. I will be prepared to attack this course this year.

Sixth (and most important): I want to finish the race, soak up the experience and come home with my second unicorn!

Stay Tuned.. lots of work to put in over the next 17 weeks!

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